Unbelievably Disappointed

I absolutely love this machine but there has been issues after issues for me that could just crumble my business. My first machine had a camera failure during a gigantic order and needed to be replaced. I wound up having to partially refund the order because I had to delay the order. Then after 4 months with my replacement unit I started having crazy flare up issues as well as electrical issues. After much back and forth we found out we needed yet another replacement. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. Glowforge was kind enough to send the unit quickly and I was going to be able to have the last weekend before Christmas to complete my pile of laser orders. My replacement just arrived and it is DEMOLISHED. Who ever packed my replacement unit sent it without the top foam piece and fedex broke the entire top to pieces. I’m at a total loss… I now have to email several customer letting them know I’ve failed them and will likely have to resort to refunding. This machine was suppose to be a godsend for the Christmas season and instead this is officially the worst Christmas my small business has seen. I’m so broken hearted and am scrambling to fix this.

I’m so terribly sorry that your Glowforge was damaged in shipping. I see that you already emailed us about this, so we’ll be replying there shortly to arrange a replacement.