Unboxed machine today, horrible grinding sound and laser not firing

I’ve attached some videos in hope that somebody has had the same sound/issues. Went through the related topics and couldn’t find anything.

  • tried to run gift of good measure, nothing fires but the head moves fine. proofgrade materials scan fine.
    -checked mirror as per troubleshooting instructions, all looks well. installed correctly.
    -all visible connections appear ok
    -once or twice upon startup the noise will disappear but will always return.

Grinding Noise

Not firing

I was not able to access either link - got the message that media was being prepared and to check back later so I can’t comment on either.

I suggest that you turn the machine off, then back on. Share a screenshot of the Gift of Good Measure ready to print in the interface.

There should be a link that says “download” that you can hit to view the video, please let me know if that’s now showing up and ill try another hosting site. Thanks!

I then bumped up the power output as per some suggestions on forums,

No luck with either. The machine has been power cycled, unplugged, everything rebooted, etc probably a dozen times. Ive been trouble shooting since 10am when it arrived.

Support will be along to help you. The file is absolutely set up correctly so there is not much else you can do.


Thanks for taking a look I appreciate it!

Hi @sminlow. I just got your email ticket for this and sent a response just now. To avoid any potential confusion or miscommunication with multiple open threads, I’ll close this Community thread. I’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!