Unboxing failure

The excitement of day #1 ended with no joy. :frowning:
We placed my Glowforge on a table removed plastic and went to setup.glowforge.com
On my MacBook “Let’s get started shall we?” showed up at the bottom of a screen box with “Continue” below it. I dutifly clicked Continue and was surprised that it was telling me to power her up without removing the orange bits.
I had seen an “Unboxing” video and the gentlemen was on his laptop and going back and forth to get it setup so I thought more instructions would follow on taking the orange bits out. So I powered her up, clicked Continue and was asked to get the WiFi setup. My laptop found Glowforge-xxx I selected my network and enter password. It went away for a long time telling me I need to wait. As with most of my networking experiences when things don’t work we power cycle. That did not help and furthermore my Glowforge no longer appeared in my network list. I had gone back to the original setup page a few time and then I must have swiped inside the box noted above and it scrolled up. Wow look at that! Did not see the unboxing the first or second time. Yes I missed the scroll nib on the right, oopss…

Ok so now I went thru the unboxing properly and removed all the orange bits. Went thru it all again and she still does no appear in my network list. But now the laser head moved here and there like some calibration moves, which seemed normal. Some more waiting, power cycles and then the laser head moved to the far left and down about 2/3 and would make a ratcheting sound like it wants to continue to move to the left. I turned her off and sent an email to Support@. The auto reply said 3 business days and sung the praises of this forum so here I am.
Have powered her up again this evening and the head continues to try to move to the left, the button lights up in a teal color and quickly goes out. No WiFi presence on my Macbook no my iPhone7.

Also have not seen a manual to help with button colors and modes nor some sort of reset procedure.

Anyone have suggestions while I wait?

Something you can try:

  1. With the machine off, gently and slowly move the head by hand until the little Glowforge logo on top of it is roughly underneath the lid camera lens.

  2. Turn the machine on and let it run through the startup Calibration routine. (Don’t touch it or turn anything off until it finishes moving the head around and parks it at the left rear of the bed.) It might take a few minutes - probably no more than ten.

  3. Log into the App, and it should show that the machine is connected next to your name at the upper right corner.

  4. If you get a yellow button on the Start light on top of the machine, you might need to reboot it and run through that a second time. Rebooting consists of holding down the Start button for ten seconds until it turns teal, turning off the machine for a couple of minutes, and then starting over at step one above.


I’m sorry your experience is not going well. I took a look at the setup page and the “continue” button really stands out in all its pink glory, inviting you to click without reading. I can see how you would miss the scroll bar and then all the rest of the instructions, especially since the last line is “Let’s get started, shall we?” and the continue button is right there.


Wow – at that page width, the scroll box cuts off the unboxing text at the worst possible spot! I would have totally clicked Continue, too.

With a narrower browser window, it’s more apparent that the user needs to scroll:


Thank you marmak3261, I have a screen shot just like that but could not figure out how to include it in my post. As you have observed I think Glowforge folks would be interested.
Off to try Jules steps…

Hi Jules
Thank you for helping, here is what I did and still no worky :frowning:

In the first minute she moved all the way left, paused, then moved up some 5-6inches and stopped there. I waited for 15 minutes and then opened the App (I guess at url and I have never seen that page) her serial number was in the upper right corner, clicked it, a list shows up asking to select printer, I do and list goes away.

So I went on to Step 4 anyway held the button, teal came on, powered off, unplugged, moved head per Step 1 etc seemingly identical behavior after nearly 9 minutes so I shut her down.
Thank you for trying.

Okay, there might be something that will work in the Wifi Troubleshooting section.


The continue button should either appear after the user scrolls to the bottom or only activates when it has scrolled. Similar to what happens when you have to read an Apple user agreement.


I am back and finally had time to try the Founder ruler and succeeded. I would like to thank you all for chiming in. When I have more time I will post some observations on where I went wrong to help those that follow.
In the mean time here is my daughter and her friend watching the ruler being G-Forged,

The girls thought it was cool, I had them each draw something which I cut out in the maple and the requests are now coming in. Good times!


Glad to hear about your success. I am really wishing for a ‘first time is the charm’ episode but knowing they work fast to make things right is great.

Also glad to peek behind your glowforge. I am always looking at these envy worthy workshops and wondering if they did a massive cleanup or are they always so fixated about neatness, organizing by size, etc.

Your shelves look like my shelves. Thank you.

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It’s great to see you’re up and running! Since you’re in good shape, I’m going to close this thread. Please start a new thread if you see any other problems.