Unboxing new machine

Hi…I had my Glowforge delivered 3 days ago and am planning to set it up tomorrow. I just realized that it has been sitting on its end and not flat… someone on a FB group said it has to lay flat because of the liquid in the tube. Am I going to have any issues? HELP! :confused:

At this point, not sure what anyone could say that would change anything. It is what it is, right? :slight_smile:

You’ll likely be just fine, but either way, you need to get it all set up to know where you stand.


True… I am just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. Thanks!

More important than in the tube is the coolant reservoir. Some folks have found some moisture from leaking around the cap that hasn’t been an issue. Some have had a little more wet that caused damage.

If you don’t see any wet anywhere and you can move your gantry (power off) and head smoothly, you should be good to go.

Just take a look when you open it for any moisture. Sometimes a bit of the coolant can leak out if stored improperly but it’s generally ok.

You’ll have bubbles in the tube when you first plug it in and that’s fine. It has a built-in purge and will eliminate those.

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Lots of folks have seen their Glowforge arrive in the delivery truck on its side, or have come home from having it dropped off and it has been on its side.


Thank you so much!!

thank you for the info!!!

It’s not necessarily a problem (might be but not definitely). Mine was standing on end in the truck. (My PRU was left in the garage on end for a day before I got to it.) Who knows how long it was like that? Unlikely it was the first time in its week’s transit across 2500 miles that it was on end.

As long as the coolant reservoir cap was sufficiently tightened, you should be okay. Place it flat (on the bottom) tonight and let everything settle in place where it’s supposed to be and then set it up tomorrow.

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mine was shipped on its end and was on its end when i picked it up from my brothers shop. i had no issues at all.


Laying flat now!! thank you!

All three of mine were delivered on end. I don’t think the issues the first two had were related to that, though, and this one has been fine now for 8 months.

Welcome to the community! I’m late to this conversation so I’ll only add my voice to the crowd saying that despite all clear warnings UPS seems to delight in shipping these standing on end, and upside-down. ‘Most’ of them seem to survive…

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Mine had coolant leak out all over the left side and bottom of the case. I didn’t notice it until 18 months later when I disassembled that side to remove the exhaust fan. Been running fine.


Yep, mine was in the truck on its end and carried to the door on its end. When I opened it up everything was pristine inside and worked like a charm. I hope you can say the same.


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