Understanding the speed and power when cutting

Ok quick question please someone explain to me… the speed and power.
I have some woods that it doesnt cut on the recommend setting, So I will need to adjust but I don’t understand the speed and power. If I want it to cut do I up the speed and power or lower it or just up the power? I tried the speed at 155 when it was already set to 151 but there was a good amount of flair so I cancelled the cut. This has happened on almost every type of wood I have I only use 1/8 and 1/4

If you need more “cut” you’d either try a slower speed or a higher power (although there’s always a chance that you might need both…)

(Because the laser is moving faster, that means the material spends less time under the laser.)


@linefeed is 100% correct.

Now that you know that, you’ll want to read #6:

It’ll help you apply what he cleared up for you.

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Huh as in “interesting” or huh as in “I don’t know what you mean”?

If the latter just ask and I’m sure we can get you going. :slight_smile:

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This article may be helpful to understanding the speed/cutting relationship. Testing, as noted by @evansd2 above is what will getyou the desired results.


Ah, good link. I just added that to my common questions bullet point.