Uneven cut across bed

We received our Glowforge 2 weeks ago and the cut isn’t going through the right side on proofgrade material. We used the same settings to try to cut the Gift of Good Measure in the left side, center and right side as can be seen in the picture. The one on the right wasn’t cut at all. We tried on 2 different proofgrade draftboard and we obtained the same result on both.

We did clean the lenses, but it didn’t changed anything.

I have created another support ticket since I didn’t receive any answer from glowforge

It could be that your material is not flat against the crumb tray on the right side. Try using some magnets or hold down pins.

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I am having the exact same problem. Please keep me posted if you find a solution!

I really doubt that is the issue, the material sit in place on the bed properly. There’s no gap between the bed and the draftboard.

How long have you had your Glowforge ? Did the Glowforge support help you ?

Just got it yesterday. Sent them a message and posted in the forum - I asked how long it takes for replies usually but no one has said yet.

I’m sorry that your new Glowforge isn’t cutting through material as expected. Thank you for the detailed report including photos of your unit’s optics. I see that you also opened a ticket with us via email, and I’ll be responding to you there very soon with information and next steps, so I’m going to close this thread.