Unexpected Error: Experienced a Bump

So I figured I’d post while I wait for support.

I have been running the Glowforge just fine for a while now, and the only real problem I get consistently is the Head wire disconnects. Not often, but it does. Then today it did something new.

It’s always been loud on start ups. The motors get pretty grindy sounding, but today it gave an error. No other info on the screen until I clicked “Okay”, which cleared the screen instead of showing the error. Once I got back into the bed image screen, it shows “experienced a bump in the line” or something similar, but still giving an updated image from the print bed.

There is no bump in the line, though. I just got done cleaning it since I knew I would be cutting some wood today and that always makes things dirty, and I wanted to make sure it would be clean for a few cuts first. I did double check the paths, and since the error occurs at the same point each time, I figure it might be a motor issue or something similar.

Anyone else experience this at all or have a solution?

Well, it seems to have cleared itself. Not sure how or why, but even the motors got quieter… Is this possibly due to power?

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Hi, @TwoBeard. Thanks for letting us know about this! Recently, we rolled out improvements to the way the software uses the sensors that detect movement. If there’s a bump, your machine may now cancel (during the focusing step) or pause (during the print). This could occur, for example, if there’s an obstruction in the bed or if the Glowforge unit is jostled. It sounds like that’s what happened here.

Could you please let me know if you run into this again, and if so what time it occurred? I’d like to take a closer look. Additionally, where did you notice that the issue occurs each time?

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Hi Vee,

It happened around 10 or 11 am pacific. And usually when the print head had reached the farthest point from its origin (bottom right instead of top left).

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Thanks for following up! We’ve moved this troubleshooting over to email, so I’m going to close this now.