Unexpected Error - Seems to be a thing

Receiving the Unexpected Error Message.

Followed the Support instructions of making sure Browser is up to date and clearing Browser Cache.

Added all of the sites to my anti-banner/ad blocker (Kaspersky) .

Still receiving the message.


I’m not a developer but reading a post about a similar problem led me to open Chrome Developer tools … I’m seeing multiple Error Notifications about CORS (?) and or Content Security Policy

May have solved my issue:

I went into Kaspersky.

  1. Click gear in lower left to access Settings menu.

  2. Click protection

  3. Click Firewall

  4. Click Available Networks

  5. On Dropdown for the Glowforge change from Public to Trusted

  6. Return to Settings menu

  7. Click Network Settings

  8. Click Trusted Addresses

  9. Add the individual addresses listed here : https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/7245650391323-Unexpected-Error

  10. Save

Glowforge now seems to be in order and i am no longer receiving the above error messages shown in the developer tools. However I am still getting a Cross Site Cookie error message.


Glad to hear you got it resolved, and thank you for sharing the details. Now it’s here for other people who run into the same problem to find.

For what it’s worth, I see the same cookie issue in a browser with no extensions or blockage software, so it probably doesn’t mean anything.



Also, since you’re fresh on the forums, GF Official Support doesn’t monitor the forums or have their system tied to it. The only way to have them look at an issue is to use the Support link at the top of the page and submit the form to them. Be prepared to wait a few business days for an actual response but you should get an automated confirmation of receipt within moments.
#problems-and-support is for us customers to help each other. We’re halfway decent at it and sometimes can help an issue before Support can respond but there are certain things only they can help with.


This issue crops up now and then, with well over 100,000 machines out there and all the updates pushed out to various software, it’s not really surprising. The GF UI is pretty static and it’s very rare an issue crops up that can be attributed to it.

I’ve never seen a situation where it wasn’t caused by something on the local system. The quickest way to confirm is to just use a phone or similar to print a simple design.


The first thing I do when a web page is acting strange is to try it with my ad blocker disabled or in an incognito window.

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