Unexpected or other errors cause me to lose alignment

Position print stage 1 on material. Burn stage 1.

Upload stage 2…

We’re sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. If the issue persists, please contact us at support@glowforge.com with details about what’s causing this error to occur.

Upload stage 2… OK.

But my design is no longer in the same position.

I can align using the camera, but this is a risky business : I can’t trust the camera 100% since after a brun the interface preview is often offset from the actual burnt lines in the GF UI.

I’m sure this has been noted before, but please please save the render position (and settings) and reload it next time I use the interface or the same document.

Yet another reason for the ability to manually input start XY coordinates.


This is in the hopper. If you do any searching for similar issues, you will see that it has been reported and the answer provided several times, at least twice today so far.

@ben1 Thanks for taking a look at my post. You are undoubtedly correct that the issue of not preserving settings comes up frequently, and fixing that would be a good workaround for “unexpected error has occurred” abandoning the current editor state.

I just took a look at the board, and the specific issue I see, the error message : “unexpected error has occurred”, was last posted on Oct 31.

While there may be a more general problem (and hopper solution) for not losing settings, my issue is specifically that positioning is lost when “unexpected error has occurred”, which might permit a simpler fix than the general problem you note. For instance, errors in adding artwork files to an existing project should reject the new artwork file but not abandon editor state.

Your problem has been reported many times and the solution is in the hopper, both the settings not being saved and the unexpected error issue. The error may not be a system problem but may be a problem with your file, in which case the action in the hopper is to develop better error codes. If you are able to do other files but not this one, you have a file issue. If you cannot do any files, there is another issue and you can follow the well-documented support contact instructions to report it.
You specifically noted saving settings - until saving is enabled globally, it won’t be enabled after an error.

I’m so sorry for my slow response.

We’ve heard you! We just announced Autosave and you can learn more about it here: https://glowforge.com/latest-improvements/autosave. Note the change may take up to 24 hours to appear. We hope you love it.