Unglazed tile multi pass

Making a framed tile for my kids marriage.
Had to make several passes to get some depth but like it. Will use some paint for the engraved letters I think.

Used 250 speed,full power, dots 100, 256 lpi
3 passes.


It’s lovely! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very Nice! Can’t wait to see it painted! This is one I did from a scan of the invitation of my nephews. White HP Tile, Gold sharpie.


That would make a nice 1st anniversary gift. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s beautiful!!!

I like the gold sharpie idea thanks.

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This was proof of concept, ran it by my sister. She loved it, so I did a next one with the wedding date in the lover right and sent both to the happy couple. But in my haste I failed to take a Photo.

BTW, they loved both of them…


So nice to do these. I planned on doing bridesmaid Sandler’s for my oldest wedding on the beach. Delayed LincolnForge arrival.

Check out cards of wood com.

Great prices and choices of thin wood. Did wedding invites.

I’m trying to post the settings on each. So fun. Yeah us! :slight_smile:

Old house black n white photo


Very elegant.

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Really nice! Certainly something they will cherish. I like the house idea, wish I had photos of some of our old houses we grew up in. I’ll check out wood.com. Thanks!

The personalized gifts are the best!


Yes. Very cool. When I retire will enjoy more time with LincolnForge.



Good idea. Sorry for late reply. Went to junk folder. Several glowforge responses at one time apparently. :-). Best. B.

Thanx. Need hobbies. Close to retirement. :slight_smile:

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