Unhappy with A Craft Store

Hate to complain, but I am just so very upset with the service and delivery from A Craft Store in Arkansas. Ordered glitter acrylic on the 23rd of Nov, and contacted last week to find out where it was. Tamera said it would ship the next day, which it didn’t. Just got the USPS shipping label notice on Dec 11th. Had to use acrylic I had to make this years ornaments since some things had to ship yesterday. Just wanted to warn anyone buying materials that they are not in a big hurry, and will happily lie to you.

I’m sorry you didn’t get your material in time for your ornaments. I tend to over-buy in advance so that I have anything (and everything) I might want or need to use.

This time of the year, especially, it can be hard for vendors to stay up on shipping. Not to mention delays due to amount of parcels being handled. Whether USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Very sorry you were disappointed.


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