Unhelpful Support Experience

Support has failed to ship my replacement printer despite repeatedly telling me it’s supposed to ship . Everyday they say ‘we are researching this’ or it should ship soon without providing any real insight at all . It’s the same email every day .

Is this a tactic to stonewall us and prevent the amount of time we have a warranty with the next unit ? I don’t believe they have issues as new orders are arriving on time .

I am starting to believe support is not working in Good Faith

Unfortunately like I said yesterday they really do not know, its unfortunate but they have to rely on their repair suppliers to provide this information and it sounds like they have dropped the ball here. There is a lot of room for improvement, and the current events have not made it any better. However opening new tickets just slows things down as they need to consolidate these new tickets before they can reply or provide any updates.

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I’m truly sorry we haven’t been able to ship your replacement Glowforge to you yet. I’ve been working to get your Glowforge to you, and I’ve just emailed you with an update, so I’m going to close this topic.