Unidentified Material

Attempted to run a job using material settings I created with Glowforge Material Manager Chrome extension. Have used these material settings at least a dozen times. Used these settings the last time I used the Glowforge, last Friday.

Now I get the error message: ‘Unidentified Material in your Glowforge. Select a material or specify material height. If you’re using an uncertified material’

If I click on ‘specify material height’ it prompts me for a height and then wipes out the material settings.

If I click on ‘Select a material’, then I go back to the select material list, select my material and I am back to where I started.

Are the materials created with the Material Manager no longer supported?

Tried restarting the app.

Made sure material manager definition had material thickness specified and every setting has the Focal Offset specified.

None of the custom settings work. GF settings do work.


They never were. The extension manager is not and never has been officially supported by Glowforge. It was created by a 3rd party.


Let me rephrase my question…

Have the materials created by the Material Manager been disabled by the GF app?

Are they broken just for me, or are others seeing the same thing?

If the Material Manager is not supported by GF, then why did GF support point me toward the extension when I asked about saving material settings?

It’s not supported by Glowforge at all, if there are changes that need to be made to it as a result of a recent update, you’ll need to contact the developer to change it.

I’d wait though, Glowforge isn’t done making changes yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

:sob: Dang it. Glowforge better be working on adding this in.

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Or better, a supported extension API.


Huh. Had no idea there was an app for that. I’ve just been keeping a spreadsheet.


I keep a spreadsheet too, because I like to track my comments about what worked and why, where I got the settings in the first place, and so forth. But I did start using the materials manager for (my) extra-common things like throwing in a scrap of printer paper or Amazon box for prototyping! Fingers crossed that @icirellik gets a chance to look at it pretty soon. You can watch https://github.com/icirellik/glowforge-material-manager for updates.

Personally, I live in fear of the inevitable day when I will write a bit of software that other people find useful, because I will then be obligated to support it and update it forever, for free, according to how the rest of the world thinks it should work. I salute anyone with the magnanimity to publicly release a handy utility and take on the maintenance responsibilities it entails! :stuck_out_tongue: