Unique Last Minute Birthday Gift


My son was invited to a paintball birthday party. He wanted to bring a gift but we didn’t know what and we were running out of time. I proposed a picture frame so that his friend could then capture a moment at their party and have a neat memory.


Awesome design! :smile::+1:


Absolutely marvelous idea!


Great design, and use of mixed materials!


This is like BAM BAM game over heh heh

Both the frame AND the idea of a paintball birthday party are excellent examples if thinking outside the box. They won’t have any problem remembering this one.

Nice work…


Nice work! A personalised gift and the picture will always be remembered! Really nice!


Nailed it! What a special way to remember a special day.


It reminds me of Nickelodeon old times :slightly_smiling_face:


The gift was we’ll received and was immediately put to use. I didn’t know the paintball venue would print a picture on the spot.

All the parents were taking pictures of the frame and told me they would be calling me so that I can make them something.


You get all the awesome points for the day! That was a great idea, and perfect execution. Well done!


I love that it has cake on it! LOL
Great idea! Wouldn’t be surprised if the venue didn’t give you a call too.


Great idea! Love the “splats”