Unit on Fire πŸš’


Ok so little speed bump over here.
My new machine comes today. I was riding out the old machine figuring I could deal with the overheating issue and just cut fuckflakes.

Well apparently I cant. Because this morning as I was cutting up. The machine blew up. Boom :boom:.

I would love to know if you guys have the video to this on file? Also what do I do now?

I was expecting on sending you guys back a working unit with the issues that we have addressed.

I need to know how this fire started please. Everything was perfect, honey comb pins. I was looking down on my laptop :man_technologist: minding my business and BOOM loud bang and it seemed to put it self out with the tube water.

Guys. How lucky am I that these things keep happening to me? :man_shrugging:

:astonished: Oh no! So sorry!! Glad you’re ok and the fire didn’t spread outside the GF!