Uniting vector lines in Illustrator

I’m fairly new to Illustrator. I’ve made a design with the paint brush and saved as an SVG. Now I have all my individual strokes showing up with overlaps. I know how to unite my font, but I can’t figure out how to unite these strokes or vectors. I’ve tried Path>Unite, but it converts the entire project into a green box.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 4.33.42 PM

Try Object -->Path --> Join.

I’ve been fighting with this thing for an hour and I think it’s the stupid little circles causing it to become one big green blob. I think I figured it out. Thanks!

I don’t know anything about illustrator, but I think using a pen tool instead of a paintbrush tool would probably save you some frustration. :slight_smile:

part of your problem here is you have fills and a stroke. shape/unite doesn’t work because you’re combining stroked shapes and filled shapes.

it looks like you’ve already converted the paintbrush strokes by clicking on object/path/outline stroke. but the circle is still a stroke. so object/path/stroke that circle (and any other shapes that are outline), and then do shape/unite and it will work.


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