Unnecessary scanning of material

Dear All,

Something that bugs me when testing a new material and recutting the same file on the exact same location is that when hitting print the material is scanned again. Even though nothing has changed, material is not moved > lid wasn’t even open.

Is there a way to put this in the software:

  • no changing of position of file
  • no opening of lid
  • press print > remove the scan procedure, just do calc and go light up that magic button much faster!

Thanks in advance, have a great day everyone!


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If you had a Pro w/ passthrough, the material could have moved as you slid it through.
It’s also possible that a warped piece could have raised as a result of cutting.

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While I see your point regarding speed, I’m not convinced this would be a good idea. The procedure is sound… measure the material in a location that’s being cut, then cut. It just seems like a best practice to me, regardless of any lack of perceived changes.

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The measuring is weird though. It only measures one point, which may even be a hole or lump in your material… Since you’ve already set a focus height I’m not sure what this is for.
Meanwhile the continuous focus we were promised is not done

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You’ll get no argument from me on those points. I think they should fix those immediately. My only point was that the practice of measuring before cutting is probably best. :slight_smile:

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Maybe. Or maybe not. You’ve entered a material thickness which sets a default focal height but, if the two are the same - then the focal height value is overwritten by the autofocus/material height scanning process - then, it either uses the autofocus value, or, if it hits a hole/off the material, it will default back to the supplied material height/focal height value.

It’s also broken.
Went to start job
Hit cancel before laser started
Opened lid rearranged pieces
Hit print and it did! No scan sequence at all

Then you should file a ticket with support to help everyone out.

“measure twice, cut once”.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.