UNO box for cards


Made a box for UNO cards :grin:


I need to work on something like this for all my card games. Munchkin, Cards against Humanity, etc. Something to allow for the expansions these games have.


It almost seems silly to me but the greatest use I have gotten so far is to make boxes out of this multi-thousand dollar machine :smiley: But I love that I can organize stuff!


Tell me about it. One of the projects I will be doing is making organizers for my kitchen cabinets. Something that will neatly hold all the lids of storage containers, spice jars, etc. The ease in which I can customize it to my specific needs is so nice.


What a great idea! Nicely done!

My son and I were playing just last night! And as I put the cards away I thought “Damn… This box isn’t going to last much longer.” Why didn’t I take that opportunity to do something like this?!


I’ve been looking at our various dinged-up, taped-together game and card boxes and making plans…