Unofficial tag line contest


Our friends at Glowforge have an obvious and gaping hole in their marketing strategy (sorry @dan it has to be said :wink: )
They need a catchy slogan for their t-shirts, and we are just the people to create one for them. Right?

Rules (they are somewhat arbitrary. Deal with it):

  1. All entries must be original, or at least you need a good cover story.
    1.a. Good sloganeers borrow, great sloganeers steal.
  2. All entries must use language you would feel comfortable wearing to a parent-teacher conference.
  3. No entry can actually include the word “Glowforge”.
  4. All entries must be less then 140 characters.
  5. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit as long as each one includes no more than 3 words used in the one before it.
  6. All official entries must be a post in this thread containing JUST THE SLOGAN, nothing else.
  7. All entries must be in English, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
  8. All entries immediately become the property of Glowforge, and you surrender any and all intellectual (snort) property rights upon posting them. (who knows, we might come up with something good!)
  9. The rules are not final, and may change at ANY time up until the end of the contest.

(I am totally open to new rules as long as they are funny)

The contest starts now and will run until Jan. 1 2016, we hit the discourse thread count max, or y’all get tired of making S$%@ up.

The contest shall be judged by a volunteer panel of Glowforge staff (they are unaware of this job requirement, but I am sure they won’t want to let us down).

The winner shall receive a sterling silver Glowforge logo lapel pin handmade by me (eventually).

Beta project twelve (Acrylic in Wood Inlay)

Move fast and burn things


Boldly Forge where no man has Forged before.


A cut above


It is just a light drawing


No Mr Bond, I expect you to make things.

Unofficial tag line contest - what you liked

Sharks not included.

Unofficial tag line contest - what you liked

What have you made today?


I can make that.


Lighting the way.




Cuts the boundaries of change.
Let us start with that.


A lot of things are possible with an inch and a half.

Unofficial tag line contest - what you liked

Got Laser?


a bright spot of light
hotter than the summer sun
all things turn to dust


Laze it From The Cloud


I think @Dan said it best … “everything should be cut, why not I have a Laser”


Reinventing Homemade


Art at the speed of light

Unofficial tag line contest - what you liked

No you don’t understand. I have a laser.

Unofficial tag line contest - what you liked