Unofficial tag line contest

some men want to watch the world burn. some want to engrave it

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Some would see the world burn, others would start the fire. Glowforge: 3,2,1, ignition.


Looks like we are done here.
No more submissions after this point will be considered.
I will try and get something organized and discuss the judging process with any Glowforge staff who care to assist.
Thanks for all the great entries!


Not that this is a valid method of judging, but here are the top 5 ordered by number of likes at closing:

@rpegg 17

@Jamie 13

@jbv 10[quote=“jbv, post:92, topic:984, full:true”]
That’s Going In The Hopper™
@B_and_D_T 8


@rpegg wins the popular-like vote, but I don’t know if I would want that as the tagline…
mine, third in votes, is kind of an inside joke that is very specific to the early-adopter forum, and not to the overall glowforge…
so if I were choosing from this selection (which I am not) I would give it to @Jamie.

whoever wins, it sure was fun! Thanks @jkopel


If it was going on a tshirt I’d put @rpegg’s on the front and mine on the back…:grinning:

I agree, thanks for starting the thread @jkopel!


Thanks folks!
Perhaps we should give all the new Glowforgers one more chance to LIKE their favorite tag line…

Since I get to make up the rules, I will officially close the liking at 6:00PM PT
Then I will figure out how to convince the good people at Glowforge to vote on the top 10 most liked posts.
Like early, like often. :slightly_smiling:

I would absolutely wear that.

That’s a good idea on how to handle the “winner by likes” concept. I know that I personally didn’t always think in terms of voting when tossing random likes out as I kept up with the thread.

It is a loooong thread, so I imagine the few at the top and the bottom will get preferential likes.

So it goes.

I fully expected to hear the cringing even before it was posted. 17 likes were more than enough reward for a tongue in cheek submission.


I don’t know about you guys, but mine is going to read, “BURN ALL THE THINGS”


Dream at the speed of Light

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You’ve got my vote

Sad - just saw the thread… Oh well - you can have my idea anyway:

The desktop factory (i discoverd that this already Exist.)

New idea:
cut perfect and cut the cost.

Layout Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation


Are we there yet?

Is it here yet?

How long 'til Christmas? :grin:

Just lase around instead of working

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I’ve got a frickin laser, and I’m not afraid to use it.