Unpacking instructions missing? [solved]

I assume I didn’t get instructions in my box. Or the test wood. Or possibly something else?

setup.glowforge.com just assumes you’re past this point. I honestly don’t know what’s missing…

Here you go…



Did you get the email that pointed you to the user manual/setup instructions/ongoing maintenance? You should have gotten that before you ever got your GF…

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Oh, right. I totally forgot I printed the instructions myself from that e-mail. Been a few months now… and I’m old and forgetful.


Okay, thanks everybody. I’m all set now! (I didn’t receive the email until after the box was open and I’m only 40 miles away from the factory, so it was an overnighter.)


The proofgrade ships from Tennessee and ships before the Glowforge, so you should be seeing it soon!

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setup.glowforge.com really should have a link to the instructions for just this case.


My proofgrade shipment arrives on the 14th. :smiley:

Yes, if setup.glowforge.com had had that link, it would have been perfect. In the email, it’s a small link in a block of text AFTER the UPS tracking numbers. NOBODY’S going to read past the tracking numbers! They read the tracking and do a little dance and the email’s over.


Well I’m still just trying to print the founder’s ruler. No clue. i feel like I get all of 10 damned minutes to use this thing before I have to turn it off due to noise and that sucks. I’m in a rush and too cautious.

I have a 3.5 mm piece of wood. I go to the app page and load the founder’s ruler. Have to click around a bit for it to acknowledge that there’s artwork loaded. Print = sounds right, but nothing on the wood. Assume it’s power and other settings. No idea what to change and absolutely no help from GF on this (I don’t have any Proofgrade, which is the assumption made.)

Example: This stuff is completely unexplained.

Since you don’t have PG you will need good settings for your material. Your power for a cut should normally be full power not 1. I won’t give you settings in Problems and Support because we have been asked not to do so but I will say you are about 3 times too fast for that material.

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Had two years to make really good documentation and I could pull a startup guide out of my anatomy. I’m just going to guess. If I blow up the planet, sorry.

What kind of wood is it?

1/8" Red Oak – Inventables, Inc.

At Full power, I only get penetration (heh) when the beam stops in corners.

Hardwood oak? I’m going to send you some starter settings in a private message.

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Awesome, thanks Jules! I don’t have much material selection on-hand. I’m guessing I could slow it down…



SUCCESS!! Thanks, Jules!


My pleasure! (Waiting for the :proofgrade: might have caused your expiration, and we can’t have that!) :wink: