Unpickable lock video with glowforge cameo


Very cool! And my mother tutored a boy who is dyslexic for several years. In her time with him, she subscribed to one of the crate series. He loved it and so did we! He is now about to turn 15 and Mom still has him over once or twice a year, just to go do something fun. Yesterday, they took a trip to Bass Pro Shops. Before they left for adventures, Mom brought him by here and I showed him my GF. Both GF and the crate subscriptions spark creativity and learning!

Love the lock. I love a good challenge!

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I haven’t seen if the LPL has gotten this challenge but I would love it. Or Bosnianbill. They don’t often get stumped. I’m wondering if an electric picking gun would work (like a bump key but thousands of hits per second).

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