Unrelated Pause

On a two hour engrave for 3 travertine coasters, about a third of the way through the file the head stopped moving. Fans were still cranking. First thought was a cool down, but there was no Amber button and no message in the UI. Button stayed lit white the whole time.

I waited 45 minutes while the machine whined away. Finally I gave up and decided the job was trashed so I was going to cycle the laser, but for lack of anything else to do, I pushed the button, and bam - it started engraving right where it stopped!
It happened twice more during the job, and immediately pushing the button again started it right up. Weird.

I know it wasn’t a temperature issue because it was cool enough in the shop to prompt me into wearing a light jacket.

Just a heads up if you encounter the same behavior, don’t give up on the job before you try pushing the button again!

I reported the event with date, time and time zone so the logs could be checked.

BTW, my forever unit is due to be delivered Wednesday, and I am looking forward to experiencing a production glowforge - and feeling a bit sad that my time with the pre- release is coming to an end.


Guessing here, but could it have gotten cold? I know that there is a somewhat high lower end operating temp.

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I don’t think so, just because if a sensor throws an error there should be an Amber colored button reflecting that, and a corresponding error message in the UI.

Edit; this is a pre release unit, so YMMV.

mine did this this weekend and the button glowed pinkish not amber. The count down continued too. I ended up restarting the unit and redoing the cut. It worked fine after that. I have seen the amber pause before and the count down stopped but never this before.

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Now that you mention it, the timer did continue to run while the head was stalled, and expired before the job finished- but the operation continued, and in a few minutes the timer reset itself and expired exactly at job completion.

I was just tickled the job wasn’t trashed an hour in it.


Grats on getting your forever unit! :grinning:

I think my PRU did that once too, now that you mention it, but it was at the start of a job, and I pressed the button again and it started.

Wonder what causes it?


Awww…the old PRUs are slowly burning into the sunset. It was a great time…but fortunately, it’s still going to keep happening. :slightly_smiling_face: congratulations!


Is mine the last one being replaced?


If not, close to it - forum wise anyway.

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Wow. I should mark the occasion in some way. Figure I still have a couple of weeks to go - just got the PG and there’s nothing relevant on the MyChoice calendar.


I got the proofgrade yesterday, and the forge is scheduled for tomarrow according to My Choice.


I’m as far from Flex (UPS-wise) as you can get now that Henry has his.


Nope. My email date is late December and keeps getting pushed further out. Sorry to steal your thunder!


You know they save the best for last. :wink:

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Awwww, shucks.

Truly, the only thing I miss is access to the catalog. And that’s a small price to pay.

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Did you stop 'cause you’re cooling? said the man
I’m tired of waiting and your fans are still on high
Not at all, not at all
Said the Glowforge to the man
I was stopping for an unrelated pause

Apologies to TMBG.


Ooo…you’ll have to have it bronzed or something. :slight_smile:

Do not anger the Johns.

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Thanks for letting me know. I’m looking into it.

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Thank you, Jaz!
That was on the PRU, one of its last prints. I just thought it should be noted. But while We’re on it, there was another anomaly. Seven or eight ‘hiccups’.

Dec. 11, 3:14 PM MDT

So I am about to bring my new glowforge online, how might I go about keeping the same name?

Sorry to throw all this at you at once. :grimacing:

Thanks again!