Update on Laser Tile shipping

Not a major thing, but just thought I’d mention that my last order of LaserTiles arrived in a mere 11 days instead of the usual month +/- . They’ve either upped their game with shipping, or this was a one-time fluke. It was a very pleasant surprise.


I ordered the sample pack on March 21. Just arrived this past Tuesday. Guess they were closed for 2 weeks for spring break.

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Sample pack? Interesting…I never saw that they offered one. March 21 to now is waaayy too long.

Here’s a link to the Lasertile sample pack.

I had emailed them after not hearing back after the first week and they let me know that they were closed for 2 weeks. Was a bit disappointed it was going to take that much longer to get them but I had enough other projects to work on to keep me busy. Been busy enough that I’ve only done 1 test print on the tiles so far. Came out ok (my fault, not the tile). Got some more work to do with the image to make it work.


I’m wondering if they’ll ever change their monthly special. It’s been the same one for over 12 months… :neutral_face:

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