Update on prototype

I decided to try another route and stick some walnut veneer to the back and I kind of love the result? Not sure what exactly to call it (acrylic picture??) but I like it.

Also I made Mr. Meeseeks!


wait , these are acrylic? amazing. did you cut out colored arylic? including the black trace?

Yes! I cut each part out of a different color acrylic (including the black lines) then assembled them on wood veneer.

I wanted to challenge myself :slight_smile:


Super cute!

Nice inlay work. I’ve haven’t done any yet, but I stocked up on acrylic in the last sale and will be giving it a shot soon. Thanks for sharing the great examples of successful execution of the technique.

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Inlay! Thank you, that was the word I couldn’t remember! It was driving me nuts lol