Update on service ticket


Since I can’t seem to get a reply to emails sent to support, can someone please update me on ticket #101780? My machine was delivered for service to Seattle over 2 weeks ago on Dec 27 and I have emailed multiple times to get a general update to no avail.

I know with the holidays and increased sales for Xmas that support has seen an uptick on machines needing to be replaced and/or serviced but even a simple “your machine has been received and a service tech will look at it on (date)” or a “we don’t have the parts now” would be appreciated.



I’m so sorry! It sounds like you’ve sent a message (or more?) that we haven’t received. Your repair is in great shape, and I just followed up with you in a new email thread with more information.

I’ll also look into what happened that we didn’t get your message, and I’m sorry for the trouble

Since we’ve followed up in email, I am going to close this thread.


Thank you Ryan for getting back to me about my machine, I can’t wait for her return. I did just send you a replay via email. Is there a reason my emails weren’t getting to y’all properly?



We are looking into what happened with your email correspondence, and I apologize again for the difficulty.