Updated engraving plus...NY GIANTS!

I updated the engraving with the deceased rappers and completed an NFC EAST and NY Giants engraved cut.


Very nice!!

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Thanks. I’m still learning.

You’re learning quickly!

For the really tall one, you might find the light transmits better if instead of cutting in the edges above NFC - EAST you kept them as a column up - it gives the light someplace to go.

and I’ve not tried it myself, but a bunch of folks swore by doing the engrave as a gradient (grey at the bottom, black at the top) allows more light to get all the way up. Maybe worth playing with :slight_smile:
(there’s a bunch of info up-thread)


What did you use for the rappers? Materials same for rappers and headstones?

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Edge lit acrylic is done with a single sheet of acrylic that the light passes through :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I will give it a try.