Updated (trustworthy) manual link needed - Product Suggestion

The GFUI (app.glowforge.com) has a sidebar of links to GF documents, information, etc. This is the one I’m referring to:

Presumably this is maintained by GF and we would expect is current. Yet if I click on the “read the manual” link I get this page to download the manual with this warning:

The manual that is linked from the regularly updated sidebar on the link online is not to be trusted but the one I’m sent a link to in my offer email 6 weeks before I get the unit is? A year from now, the one I should use is still the one I link to in Nov 2017 and not the one that’s online? That seems counter-intuitive.

I would suggest that the manual linked to from the app page be the latest and most current one. You could leave each one up as history and by model (e.g. Basic Manual - most current, Pro Manual - most current, Basic Manual Nov 17, Pro Manual Jan 18, etc) so if people want to see the original one that matches their model and when they got their machine they can find it and if they want the current one which presumably is updated with new content from GF as you learn about issues, etc. with the machines that will be available too.


Manuals should contain a revision table with dates, version numbers and a summary of the changes.


I think what they’re trying to say is that if you download the manual, in the future you should get the latest manual from Glowforge support rather than relying on the one you downloaded. I don’t think that they’re saying that you should rely on the manual you downloaded from the link in the email when you bought the Glowforge.

That being said, I agree that they should have a reliable “current manual” link, in the app, that people can go to for the latest info.

That suggests that the one the link leads to doesn’t come from Support. If they want to make sure we’re using the latest one that statement should be clearly made here - e.g. “check back here for the latest version when you have questions about the operation of your Glowforge”. Otherwise they’re assuming I’d read the statement and say “oh, I need to ask for a new one” vs “I got one from Support when I got my machine and that’s the one I should use”. They’re not the same and it’s not guaranteed our interpretations of the current admonition is the one they intend.


I agree. Their statement is ambiguous. That’s why I said “I think what they’re trying to say” because it’s not clear what they meant.Tthey should have clearly said what you suggested.

Seems like the latest manual is best for most things except the packing / unpacking instructions which depend on the ship date.


It seems to me that the unpacking instructions should be separate from the manual.

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Yes, perhaps a printed copy in the box, that could be kept with the box.

Not sure but I think in the EU there needs to be a printed manual in the native language in the box.


Thanks for the suggestions and feedback about the Glowforge Manual everyone! I’ll make sure the team gets them.