Updates of designs to catalog seem to be wonky

First there was the coffee pod file that had two pictures for two different files posted on one file, saying that file could do both. Now I see in my dashboard that lotus flower coasters have just been added to the catalog, but I don’t see them anywhere in the catalog, but can access them from the sidebar posts on my dashboard. I’m loving all the new designs being added, but those of you with designs approved, might want to check to see when your stuff is posted and if it is posted correctly.


The coasters were on Page 6 of my “All Designs” page.


Yeah, they were posted the day before the announcement. They were the last item on page 4 of Free With Premium designs.

My bad. I’m so used to seeing all the new updates on the first few pages I didn’t scroll all the way through. Sorry everyone!

It’s ok, you’re not wrong, I was also surpised to see it there. I only checked because of your coffee pod post since I didn’t remember that holder being in there before. I tried adding the sunglass holder to my dashboard like 3 times now and nothing comes up.

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Thanks! I did manage to get the sunglass holder in my dashboard with no problems, so hopefully 4th time’s a charm for you.

Just worked right now. Glad to see it’s fixed.


Sun glasses file still won’t load for me. I have received two emails from Glowforge saying it was fixed. It still isn’t. First World Problem, but irritating.

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