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EVERY time I go to the dashboard I get the Free Glowforge Upgrade announcement. EVERY time. I know I have seen this as a topic in the past but can’t figure out what to do. I am pretty sure we are not getting upgrades every hour or so. What do I do ?

I’ve actually never seen that come up on my screen! Here’s a possible fix from the archives, though. Used to be that if you didn’t use your GF in a while, it would try to download all the updates the next time you turned it on, and if you were trying to start a print or something things would get all wonky. Here’s how we used to fix that:

Turn off your Glowforge, open the lid, and turn it back on. Let it sit there for 10 minutes or so before you close it and try to access it via the app.

See if that helps; otherwise you might need to post over in Problems and Support, where it will open a support ticket for you.


Are you referring to the announcement section that is always to the right of the screen at first? All you have to do to make it go away is click on View All at the bottom and it will go away.


That’s the one. Unfortunately I have to click on it EVERY time I turn on my GF, EVERY time I go to the DASHBOARD and other times in between. I click on the notice and find out there is nothing new in days, weeks, months. It is more of an irritant than anything and a time consuming process. I would much rather just see all than have to click

I had that happen for a week or so and then it just mysteriously stopped doing it. No idea why.

I get it every time because I log in via an incognito window and have my browser set to delete cookies.
It uses a cookie to know that you’ve already seen it…you can add that URL to a bypass list (dependent on browser) if you delete cookies, but if you use an incognito window it’s always gonna be there

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Oh. That makes sense. Thankyou all


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