Upgrade cutoff?



Hey @dan

We’re still trying to decide if we should upgrade from the basic to a pro.
What is the cutoff date for deciding?



Very interested in this also! Im on the edge


@dan Any news on this?


Also tempted to upgrade, but I’d like to know what my options are. We can cancel at any point going forward, but if we choose to upgrade, and then can no longer handle the additional cost somewhere down the line before it ships, would it be possible to downgrade to the Basic? Or would we have to cancel entirely at that point and hope to pick one up at retail price when they become available? If we have some flexibility, that would make my wife a whole lot more comfortable with upgrading, just in case something happens financially. She’s way more responsible than I am.


The upgrade price is valid until Friday at 6pm, but you can upgrade after that as well (just costs more).

It’s OK to downgrade without losing your place in line.

Pro downgrade?

Thanks @dan.
We’ve decided to upgrade. :smile:


@dan 6pm PST or EST?


So it sounds to me like it’s best to upgrade if you can afford it and take the pricing then downgrade later if you change your mind.


When you downgrade, would it be to the current preorder price, or to the new, retail price?

And I want to be clear, that I think the flexibility you guys are showing with these orders is phenomenal, so I’m not complaining or trying to say you should be doing one way or another. Just want to make sure I know what to expect so I can make the best decision for my family’s situation. Thank you!


Thanks, my original order was for the Pro/no filter, but for some reason it didn’t process. I just did my upgrade. Can’t wait!


Thanks all! 6pm PST. Email tomorrow morning coming with more details… Bailey and I were just on the phone wrestling with the stupid spreadsheets that have your orders, and your affiliate codes, but not in the same place.

I believe the economics would be like if we cancelled your order and then you repurchased.



So, just to clarify, if we currently have the Pro version and decide to downgrade to Basic for whatever reason (who knows what life will bring in the next several months), we cancel our Pro purchase and then purchase the basic version at whatever the current price at the time?



Yes, that’s correct.


@dan I upgraded from the basic to the pro for 1500$

So if we decide to downgrade from the pro to the basic would I just get my 1500$ back or would it be minus the 800$ in price its going up at 6pm? That doesn’t seem fair if thats the case


The “downgrade” is going to be implemented as a refund of everything paid, then a repurchase at the current price.


Thats very disappointing and seems like you didn’t clarify that when you said you could downgrade at any time in earlier posts. I upgraded so I could potentially downgrade later if I didn’t want the pro. Even though I was in the preorder I would have to pay more? Seems ridiculous. I would understand about buying a second or a third being at the new price but that doesn’t seem nice to us customers. Especially if the upgrade was a separate charge, it would just be a case of refunding the 1500$


Preorder locks in your purchase, not the preorder menu forever.


The Basic was going up $400 so the loss would be $400 not $800. You do the math to be sure.


It would be a nice gesture of appreciation to the early adapters who made your pre-launch crowd funding campaign such a success, to extend the initial pricing structure to those considering an upgrade (or downgrade). I myself was thinking about a Pro model, but I can’t justify the $$ “under the gun” so to speak. It would be nice to have some time to consider my options. Just sayin’…


Would like to know if any consideration is given to downgrading at the preorder price.