Upgrade in honor of highest crowdfund ever?

I vote for a slightly upgraded laser: http://theawesomer.com/high-speed-laser-cutting/341587/

I don’t think my house could handle those power requirements. lol

Don’t think I’d like the power bill that came with that unit.

Maybe, to celebrate crowdfunding history, two pairs of laser safety glasses could be included with each Pro, (or even basic). Best advertising around, seeing one in action in the hands of a friend but will owners buy multiple pairs of glasses to allow their friends to see a Pro in action??? If GF were to purchase 10,000 pairs say I’m sure the unit cost would be minimal.


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Eye protection shouldn’t be required for either system as the laser itself is fully enclosed. That said, you’d want a pair if you had the pass thru opened on the Pro model. I vote some sample materials be shipped with each unit!

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Wearing eye protection while using the pro is definitely recommended because it is considered a class IV laser.

IF you’re going to have the pass thru or top lid open while engraving/cutting you’ll need to be wearing LEP (Laser Eye Protection). If you’re just showing some friends what it can do on a piece of material, with all lids and covers closed, you and your guests won’t need to be wearing LEP.

@MrSandman you can’t have the top lid open whilst engraving/cutting there is a kill switch. Plus if your doing passtgrough you might need the top camera in position

I don’t think you can fully close the pass through slot (unless you somehow modify it). I’ve heard there will be a silicone flap in front of it but that doesn’t sound like enough to provide 100% coverage.

Right, right. I don’t think some are quite understanding what I’m saying here. Well the “kill switch” is termed interlock in the industry, and most often can be overridden though there’s no real reason to do that here. I was just stating that I’m sure it’s possible.

If there is any door/flap/lid/cover etc. open, whether an interlock is overridden or not, you NEED to be wearing LEP…guaranteed. Note that even the “basic” model contains a class IV laser, as it has over >500mw of power, its all about containment. Overriding any of its interlocks would result in the same need of wearing LEP while operating.

Right, a silicone flap alone would not meet the standards. However, if there’s a “door” to open and close with a laser “curtain” (like your silicone flap you mentioned) in front of that door on the inside, it should be rendered safe to operate without LEP IF all flaps/doors/lids etc. are closed. Once you open that pass thru while operating it changes everything.