Upgrade Price and Delivery Time

I have an internal debate going on between upgrading to the pro and sticking with the basic. One of the factors I’m considering is delivery time. I don’t want to miss out on the 50% upgrade discount. I’m wondering if we’ll have some rough idea of delivery times between the pro and basic before the disount period runs out in 8 days?

I personally don’t know when each of them are shipping. But if you have some spare cash lying around(I know I don’t!) you could preorder one of each during the 50% and cancel the one you don’t want nearer the time? I’ll be happy whenever they arrive :smile:

I started with basic but then jumped to Pro. Faster, no cool-down period between jobs in warmer rooms (I WISH I was in a 70 degree room all day!), flexibility with the pass-through slot, longer warranty… if you’re going to use it for production & sales purposes at all, it seems like the extra cash for Pro would be made up quick enough.

Get what you want the first time and you only cringe while you’re paying for it. Otherwise if the Pro is truly the better fit for you, you’ll cringe every time you use the basic.