Upgraded to Plus- converting my settings

So, I’ve had the basic since they shipped out to backers, and just yesterday I received my Plus model. I’m currently trying to convert all my cut and engrave settings I have for my basic to my plus. What I mean is, obviously, the cut settings I used for the basic were fine tuned and perfect, but on a Plus (with higher wattage) they are now too high.

I’ve been searching the forums for the right formula but haven’t really read the answer I need. I’m just gonna play around with it until I find out, of course, but if anyone knows it would save me a lot of time and resources. Full power on a basic is what exactly on a plus? 100?

Thanks for reading!

Basic, Plus and Pro all have the same settings for anything 100 and below. The Plus and Pro can go higher than the Basic (I don’t know, maybe 15%?) when set to full power. So if you set the Plus and Pro to 100 it will be the same on the Basic. Bottom line is there isn’t a way to convert Full Power on one to a power number on the other. Pretty much have to adjust the speed to get the same effect.


Thanks @rpegg
Yeah I did one test cut where I used the power of 100 and you’re right it didn’t do the job. So the 2nd cut I increased the speed by an increment of 25 and it cut absolutely perfect, with no burning on the bottom side. So you were definitely right. Just need to increase the speed a little bit on all of my settings.

Thank you


Just get a good testing method down pat and you’ll be able to figure out your full speed cuts very accurately and quickly.

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