Upload image possible on this forum?

I need to upload an image to ask my question, is that possible? The question is when looking at my camera image there is one piece of my svg file that is highlighted in red. It hangs off the board. The other pieces that didn’t fit automatically seemed to move over to the edge. I can’t seem to move that one little piece as it only takes pieces of it.

Ungroup it.

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You can simply drag and drop a photo into a reply box to share here in the forum.


I did but i still cannot get the one little piece on the bottom to move over as a whole. Is it red because the glowforge is letting me know it’s off the board.



It’s two objects in your file - the red part and the orange part. Select the red part and hold shift key click orange part, both should now be selected.

OR join those pieces in your design software and upload to GFUI again.

There’s plenty of room on the board in this layout shown,


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