Upload issues 2

Is anyone else having issues trying to upload any type of file today. I was literally just using it this morning and now I can’t uplaod any type of file to glowforge. I’ve updated the software, turned the glowforge off and on, and logged out and in on the website. And I keep getting this error.

Is this a known issue? I don’t know how else to fix it.

yes many are having the same issue. it started late last night for me. im still waiting… for a fix.

Same here was working perfectly fine 10mins ago then stopped.

It is a server issue at the company, not your machine. A GF tech has posted that they are working on it, so hopefully it will be resolved pretty soon.

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They are aware of the issue now and are working on it

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same here, I tried all the tips, nothing is working.

just checked the server status and it has been updated as well

Glowforge Status

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thanks! I hope they make an announcement so users don’t go crazy thinking is their machine or computer…

Thank you!! New to this forum so not sure where to look.

Hello @lane.meganb

Thank you for bringing this up.

We did have an issue which impacted your ability to upload design files, but this has been resolved. Please try your upload again.

If there is an issue, reach back out and we’ll make sure that we get this taken care of for you.

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