Upload not working based on location

I have been trying to upload a file (raster within a PDF or SVG) for the past 2 days. I’ve tried it on iPad with cell and WiFi, my laptop with WiFi. 3 different browsers, 2 different OSs. All fail with the upload error.

Today I went to my business and tried it there. Both my work computer using 10bT and my iPad using WiFi there uploaded fine. Trying it again from home still fails.

So…can someone look at the log files for 2:30pm 12/29/20 PST and see why the 2 recent uploads failed? I’m trying to help the designer of the file track down the problem since someone else had a problem uploading. It seems bandwidth related.

It’s likely an art issue. Try to upload another project and see if that works. That will tell you if its a Wi-Fi problem. Post your file maybe an art master can help you out with it. Hope you get running again soon.

It’s not the file. Others can upload it fine. It’s specific to my home location, since as I noted, I could upload it fine at work.

Sorry, I miss read that. I seen you said you tried your cell, have u tried to make it a hotspot and run it off that?

iPad has its own cell. Upload Doesn’t work at home. iPhone has its own cell. Upload Doesn’t work at home. WiFi at home doesn’t work for upload on any device, any browser. Works via WiFi on the same iPad at a different location,. All use AT&T In some form. It’s some kind of bandwidth error problem but I need the log reports to find out what it is.

How big is the file?

What are your download and upload speeds on both the phone and on your broadband (speedtest.net)?

Support may be able to tell but it may take a while to hear back.

Maybe signal interference from other 2.4ghz devices? A few people had issues from that.

If that were the case nothing would work. I’ve emailed the file to support.

If your home upload speed isn’t as fast and totally stable and your file is very large the upload could be timing out. GF really doesn’t deal well with unstable WiFi, even if very fast.

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Hello @flossqueencathe - I’ve just responded to your email with some follow up steps that may help move the file through the upload process with a bit less noise. Please check your email and give that a shot. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic so we can finish up via that email thread.