Uploaded designs shrinking! HELP

Hey guys… I’ve been doing the same thing on my GF and for some reason, now that I’m using Adobe CC and a new MacBook Pro, I’m hit with problem after problem. THIS ONE:
In Illustrator, my design is 1" tall but about 3" wide, perfect. I export to SVG file, then upload THAT to GFUI… once it’s being laid out on camera, it’s OBVIOUS, the whole thing is smaller! I have gone back and forth… NO clue what’s going on.

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I’ve read there’s some kind of potential svg scaling issue (search forum for “svg scaling”)

But you can skip SVG altogether and copy/paste directly from Illustrator to the GF dashboard and it won’t have any scaling issues. (Just make sure all your strike positions are set to “center” to avoid double cuts)

Saving as PDF instead of SVG also works.


Check your AI export options. Make sure “responsive” is unchecked.


yup! that fixed it! Thank you!!!


Yay! I had the same problem when i first started using AI. glad I could pay it forward.


Also, don’t use export to svg as it has other issues like missing lines and malformed lines. Use Save As and save it as an SVG (or pdf as was also suggested).

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actually i think using the “save as” process is what was messing it up as well… going the “export” route then SVG then upping the decimal number to 5 (max) gives me the end result im looking for!

I think some Pro AI users have suggested working with PDF instead.

You probably don’t want to use “Export”, it has bugs that can ruin your day (see A tale of two SVGs (Illustrator Export bug) for far too much detail).

Save As SVG should work just fine, as long as you have enough decimals, turn responsive off, convert fonts to outline, and embed images.


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