Uploaded file line weight is different

The file I upload looks like this.

The file that gets rendered in glow forge looks like this.

Once the printing starts. it engraves it exactly like the rendered file. inconsistent line weights and all
I build in Illustrator and export as a .svg file. Notice the left side of the starburst and the lapel thickness.


It also doesn’t seem to like the dots on the left-hand side. But, difficult to diagnose the reason without the original SVG.

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I was noticing the same thing, like maybe some of the pieces got misaligned, or there was a layer that got moved somehow.

Question on the dots. Did you rasterize that layer? I just finished a project and when I would rasterize some layers, I would notice the pieces farther from the center would pull towards the center. It only showed once I uploaded it to the GF. Just wondering it if was just me seeing that.

negative on the rasterizing. It is a vector design. It is the only thing on the original file. saved as .svg. and uploaded straight to glowforge app. no layers. design is fill and the cut is stroke.

Are you using the glowforge recommended settings for saving as SVG from illustrator? Before I started doing that I got a lot of odd artifacts and line weight issues. image


So this is a vector image from start to finish or did you trace an existing bitmap? It is an attractive image for sure.

could be an issue with the SVG export or could be an artifact from the motion control or movement of the head during printing. All one operation then?

Can you zip up the SVG and let us look at it?

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m sorry to hear your design isn’t uploading or printing as you expect.

Like other’s suggested, would you mind sharing your original file? If you’d prefer, you can also share it with me privately by emailing it to support@glowforge.com.

I sent my files to support. When I compiled the email, I opened up the newly saved svg file and it looks exactly like the messed up file. Something in my exporting has moved my vector lines around. Not sure what. The only difference I notice on @stpatty33 picture is the decimal places. mine was at 1. not 4. Ill try and export it again when I have some time and see what happens. the file was created completely in illustrator as a vector.

I’m glad you found the cause of the issue. Did you have any luck re-exporting with different settings?

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.