Uploading files - beta issues?

I don’t know what is going on but I’m having problems getting files to my design library - in the past i could just go from , for example Vectornator or affinity Designer or Inkpad and send the file directly to GF - now I Get a log-in screen and when i put my new password i get an Oops message -

I am able to get in the community site if i log in to GF and even find the Design Library but the - New Design button is gray and unavailable, so i chose Design and was able to Upload from file - it worked once - i cut my clear acrylic design ok - so i tried to upload a new design from Dropbox files and now the pop up- New Blank Design, Upload From File and Capture from camera are all blue and when i choose - Upload from file - nothing - i tap and nothing

I haven’t tried to reconnect the WiFi as I did when I got it - I have changed my password in the past and no problem - last fall i did a long run and it was all directly from software to GF no problem

Is this new beta software doing this ? Also, I should note that my pencil on my iPad Pro is actin a bit odd on the design lib But ok in other software not GF

I hope this is not too convoluted and i would appreciate direction, suggestions and i thank you in advance.

Update: now i get the correct pop up from Upload from files but New design is still not offered as a choice -lt gray colored

Thanks again - btw - i did leave a similar message with Support group and will check for their opinion today or tomorrow

FYI you’ve opened another support ticket by posting here. Best to do one or the other, NOT both, as it slows things down when they have to resolve duplicates. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how you were sending files directly from your design programs (or Dropbox) to the design library…my understanding has been that the only program you could do that with was Adobe Illustrator.

“New Design” is for creating a design using the beta tools, not for uploading – I’m not sure what would make yours grayed out, unless maybe a browser issue?

I’m thinking you should clear your cache and restart your browser and then try uploading from a file saved to your hard drive? If the problem persists, then go to whatismybrowser.com and copy the link and paste into a message here for Support so they have your browser details. It will save time when they get here to address your issue.

Good luck!

I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble while using the Glowforge App. I’ve responded to your email with some next steps, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to work with you on troubleshooting via email.

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