Uploading text to print on glowforge

how do you print text? is there a better way? it wont show up on print screen.

What program are you using to create your text (and graphics?)

If you’re just looking to get text into the GFUI you can create it with MS PowerPoint (using a text box) and paste it directly in to the GFUI. Normal text will not paste as you’ve found out.

With applications like Adobe Illustrator you need to convert your text to curves to get into the GFUI (at that point it is no longer text, it’s text shaped vectors).


Ok thanks I’ll try that. Thanks for the help.

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Another thing you can do if you’re just trying to engrave text is to make it a raster. Then you can save it as a JPG or PNG file and load that or paste the bitmap directly into the GFUI.

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another option is to use PDF instead of SVG. when you make PDFs, you don’t need to convert the type to outlines.

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One of the things I like about Affinity Designer is that in the Export function, there is a check box to automatically convert text to curves to avoid font dependence (or something like that) when exporting as an SVG.

What that means for use in a Glowforge is that it is exponentially easier than doing it in Inkscape.


I have found an easy way to get text into the GFUI. Google has a native app called Google Drawings, allows you to input text, select fonts, manipulate the curves…then save it as an .svg….Works every time, and no extra software needed.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone!