UPS had incorrect address - Proofgrade going to wrong address

I received my email Dec 25,2017. I received notification from UPS last night that my proofgrade material will arrive on Jan 3, 2018 however the address is incorrect. I have verified that the address on Glowforge site is correct and I verified during the do you want your Glowforge process that it is correct. How does this happen? I paid 5 bucks to change it in the My Choice app so hopefully it comes to the correct place. The address shown in the UPS photo is incorrect.

Is that the depot address maybe…
All I got, sorry

It is a non-existent address. No such place based on any of the GPS apps I have or online search. And it isn’t the depot either I have had a lot of stuff shipped to me and my wife and used the ups my choice app and it worked just great over the last year. I was amazed this one even populated to my app with the wrong address but it did. I just don’t want to see the actual Glowforge go to the wrong address and really don’t want to keep paying 5 bucks(though I will) to change the address.

Thank you for letting us know about this @bangert78.

I’m happy to hear you were able to successfully change your address through UPS My Choice. I’ve added $5 in credit to your account for the cost of that change.

I’ve verified we have your full address for your Glowforge shipment and our team is investigating why this happened with this package. If you need anything else, please write in to or create a new post here!