UPS has lost my GF!

First time poster long time listener here. I like everyone else have long suffered the delays of this process of getting our Glowforge. I say our because I purchased this for the Childrens Museum where I work as the Director of Exhibits. When I finally got my tracking email on 11/22 I was super psyched! This long ordeal was finally at an end…or so I thought. I tracked it online everyday and watched its progress as it made its way to the city where I live. On 11/28 it was scheduled to go out for delivery and when the UPS guy showed up nothing. Checked tracking and got the first DELAYED notification. Seems that Black Friday and Cyber Monday had backed up the whole shipping industry and my forge was on a truck that had not been unloaded and there was no telling when it would be. After a couple of days of no delivery and seeing how some UPS drivers had mistreated other owners boxes I decided to change my deliver to pick up at the customer service center next to the UPS Hub. I have gone to the UPS CSS twice a day for the last three days because they say that there would be no more scanning of my package that it would just show up at some point from the Hub next door. I have gotten to know a few of the folks over there and one of them gave me her personal phone number and said she would call me when it arrived. Well today she called and said “It finally showed up this afternoon”. Rejoiced I sped down there and went straight to my inside connnection to get my forge. This is what she led me to:

As some of you may notice this is not a glowforge. The box does have my name with “GF” in front of it all over the box, but this seems to be someone else’s package from Pottery Barn Kids. I feel cursed at this point. I did call GF customer service to start a lost package report with UPS but found that they do not have anyone that actually answers phones over there. I left a msg. That is all carry on.


How big is the box? Is it possible the original fell apart and somebody actually repackaged it?

Oh yikes! Not what you want to hear! :expressionless:

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This looks like someone realized what was in the Glowforge box and decided they wanted it for themselves. I guess it could’ve been a simple mistake that caused your label to end up on some other random large box, but it just seems off to me. The fact that it was missing for days, then suddenly a box appeared, just doesn’t sit right with me. I assume whoever has it, if it was stolen, won’t actually be able to use it, since glowforge would have to allow it.


Holy cow! That’s terrible. I hope it isn’t stolen and is just lost and the stickers were put on a package that was a likely substitute.

I am sooooo sorry. This is definitely the first I have heard of this happening. I hope it gets resolved soon.

“Liked” in commiseration!

I hope you get your GF soon!

Did you send a message to Or post on #problems-and-support?
@Rita @dan?

  1. My condolences!
  2. It will be interesting to see what the mothership can do about a stolen unit. They surely know its serial number, etc and can see when it goes online…
  3. Keep us posted!

Oh man. This is a new level of crazy. I agree that you should check to see if another box was put around it. These days, you would think that UPS can tell you where the box was scanned all along it’s route.

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I would imagine these things are tracked at the serial number level such that whoever may have taken it at worst won’t be able to use it once 5e serial number is banned, at best GF has a way to detect where it is connecting online and alert law enforcement.


That would be sweet. the cops show up and say. “how is your stolen Glowforge running today?”


This so so terrible! I really feel sorry for you. I can not believe, that I hear so many bad things about UPS. I order so many things (also from China). Big things, little things and I never had anything lost or damaged. But most things are shipped with DHL. I really hope UPS is not used for the international shipping.
@dan. What company will be used for international buyers?

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My GF is set for delivery today. I should not have read your post because now I am worried. I am really sorry for your issue but I am sure, other than a slight delay, it will get worked out. Best of luck.

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Fingers crossed.

(My most recent experience in that line was a package that was marked as delivered but wasn’t, and then after I instituted an inquiry, it mysteriously showed up the next day…)

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Well this morning I went back over to the UPS Hub and after threatening to go to both the authorities and the media I was finally allowed to talk to the operations manager there. He was actually very contrite and seemingly sympathetic to my situation. He has a picture of what the package should look like and all of my tracking and personal info. I also have his cell number. Hopefully I will get good news today.


I hope for the best for you. I really hope it turns up at the hub

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My guess is that when it was changed to “hold for pick up”, someone mistakenly put the stickers on the box next to yours. I don’t know if that’s possible or how that would affect the subsequent scanning and cause them to bring out the wrong box. I think @chadmart1076 is our resident expert.

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@chris13 Unfortunately I am sharing your experience of UPS. Mine was supposed to be delivered a week ago. The accessories box showed up, but no Glowforge unit. After multiple calls and the runaround, I finally got them to open an investigation. My local UPS driver made a special stop on Monday to give me the number to his manager because he said his route showed he should have the box on his truck, but did not have it again (no scans showing in tracking on my end). I’ve have been in contact with GF support and they have responded in a timely fashion and rescheduled a new one for me. I’m kinda with @rotors in thinking someone knows what these are and deciding on an early Christmas gift for themselves.

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