UPS is holding my GF hostage

My glowforge was shipped on the 12th. I use ups my choice to switch it to pickup on the 15th at the customer center. It arrived early morning on the 18th. The status has been in transit for two days now, when it is already there. So frustrating.


fwiw, UPS showed mine being at the hub center for me, but not ready to pick up. but my crumb tray was there and ready. so i went by, thinking i could ask and it might be around.

they told me it was still at the prior stop. they used “predictive tracking” to say they expected it to be at the final destination. but the “actual” tracking still showed it hadn’t left the previous stop. but the only way to see “actual” tracking was to go to the hub. calling UPS on the phone or checking online would only show the “predictive” tracking.

very frustrating.

thanks, I just needed someplace to complain.

Today is the beginning of the third day after it’s arrival scan.