UPS Ruined My Day

I was excited to receive my Glowforge last Thursday. I even took the day off on Friday from work to get to know it a little better. But alas, it was not meant to be. Only 2 of the 3 boxes came, and the missing one was the unit itself. I spent Friday going back and forth with UPS trying to figure out where it was, and eventually they said I needed to start a missing package investigation. I saw from the forums that I am not the only one who has had this issue, but how do you lose a big box that weighs 80 pounds.

The boxes do not all ship from the same source, so they can come at different times. It’s not unusual to receive the Proofgrade and/or the accessories box before the machine is shipped.

At least, it wasn’t during the days of the pre-orders. :smile:

If you sign up for UPS MyChoice it’s the best way to actually track delivery on the big unit. (Going to come from California.)

I use UPS MyChoice, and received notice that all 3 boxes would be delivered the same day. The unit itself sadly never said out for delivery, so that was my first indication something was wrong. I am still hopeful that maybe the label was damaged and they will find it and get it to me soon.

I was originally told by myUPS that my gf and accessory box would come the same day. They even tracked together up to the next-to-last stop. But the accessory box came on the expected day and the actual gf came a day late.

Fingers crossed for you!

If it helps with the anxiety, ours showed all three coming the same day… but when the big brown truck showed up, only two boxes were there… We ended up picking the machine up at UPS the next day, after a panic attack!

That is for the best anyway - in my opinion…

I do not think that last mile ever does the GF any favors. Banging around in the truck while a lone delivery person is shifting it around to get to other things, etc.

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In the grand scheme of a warehouse full of boxes, it’s pretty small. One time FedEx lost our chair. Like, an oversized armchair. The crazy thing was they knew exactly which building it was in, they just couldn’t find it.

Funnily enough, they found it about 6 months later and delivered it. But in the meantime thw furniture company had sent another and since it was custom ordered, they didn’t want the duplicate back so we got two.

Maybe you’ll end up with two glowforges! Oh, or one glowforge and an armchair.


I’m so sorry you’ve ran into trouble. We’re working on this in the email you sent us, so I’m going to close this topic.

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