Urgent help my glowforge glass broke I am useless as to what happened

I was just printing an acrylic proof grade material and all the sudden the glass cracked and the machine seems to be broken now I have attached pictures what have gone wrong? I am so confused please help me!


Yeeks! Definitely shut off your machine and do not use it!

Are you still under warranty? If yes, you should either post in Problems & Support or send an email to support@glowforge.com with those picture attached. They will make it right.

If you are no longer under warranty they do sell replacement tubes (or at least they plan to - I haven’t looked recently to see if it’s a done deal). You’ll still want to contact support, but as that will have to deal with invoices and the like you’ll want to do it via email and not post in the forum

I’m so sorry for your pain!


I suggest going ahead and unplugging it as well – Support is not going to ask you to turn it on at this point.


First time I’ve seen a laser tube shatter from operation. There are thermal sensors to prevent overheating… I can’t imagine a cause for that other than something impacting the tube.
Stuff of nightmares.


What was the temperature when you started the job? Could it have been too cold?


Oh man, I feel your pain. This is the first broken tube I’ve seen. I hope they can fix you up quick.


Yikes. That must have been scary. Hope support gets this dealt with quickly!

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