URL edit bug?

I work with a lot of tabs open and I tabbed and started typing and tried fix the url on an active design. I refreshed the page without the "/edit " path the browser returned a 404 and I went back to load the design from the design library and my design is now empty.

I tried search the forums to see if anyone else discovered the same thing. You can see for yourself by uploading a simple square and removing the edit part of the url. I am using Chrome on a mac.

Not a big deal since I have already printed my design. But I did not expect to loose my work.

I can replicate that behavior, but… why would you do that? Are you offended by the ‘/edit’ part of the URL?

I discovered it by accident. It did not really affect me. I just was documenting it as a possible bug.

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Thank you so much for the details. We’re currently looking into this snag. I’m going to close this thread - if there are more questions about this topic, please start a new thread.