US ARMY SAMC mock up

Came out awesome, how would you be attaching the letters ?

That’s the key to success. Too many folks look for a “recipe” but every machine, design and piece of material is a little different. Trial & error is a great way to learn how to make good laser projects. Be fearless & you’ll be fine :slight_smile: You’re already ahead of the curve.


Truly impressive! Plus, I learned something. In 22 years in the army as an NCO and Officer, I had never heard of this. Come to find out there is actually an Army reg (TRADOC Reg 600-14 TRADOC Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC)). Thank you for this.


So beautiful and patriotic!!


Beautiful job!

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Thank you

Thank you. Pretty proud of it…

They actually didn’t want the letters to be included because they already have the letters on the wall. My piece will be placed on a door leading into the Comman Suite.

Thank you. I was commissioned by the Command to make and place it on a door.

Yeah apparently its a pretty big deal. They keep nominating ny husband to join and that is how I ended up getting commissioned to create it. It will be placed on a door leading to the Command Suite at Tripler Army Medical Center

Oh! My Goodness that is amazing.

thank you so much

That looks great!

Excellent work! They are really going to love it! Nice!

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thank you

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Absolutely amazing…

thank you so much