US, Pro, Day 15 email received

US, Pro, Day 15 email received in the evening on 10/17/2017.

The lady and I were just about to walk from dinner to the Milky Chance concert, when I looked at my phone and my face lit up. I almost didn’t understand what I was seeing, but yes, it was actually the long awaited “Would you like your Glowforge?” email. Being the gentleman I am though, I said I’d get to it in the morning as we’d been running a bit late for the concert, and we were looking forward to this one for a long time. She knows how big this is though, so of course she said we can be late to the concert if we need to be.

Anyway, didn’t take long to enter my address (neighbor who works from home actually), agree to everything, and be on my way.

Super excited!!! Now, time to prepare for it! I kind of feel like it’s a bit how you would prepare a nursery for a baby if you were the child having type of person.


Yep! Now it’s labor…the water breaks when you know it is on the UPS truck on the way.

Get that space set up, get the additional items you will need, and try, TRY to tell your mind to STOP running at 2K a minute trying to process all the wonderful things you will create!

Ok, breath, calm down. It’s happening.


(Checks e-mail) Shoot, I’m October 15. Day 22…