USB guitar key



Hey folks,
Just a quicky find. Credit actually goes to my mother in-law . Simple guitar shaped USB key. The face looks very lasers. Makes me want to find a source for just USB innards. Anyone have an idea on that?


Alibaba is my first thought…


You can also get flash drives (like the kingston data traveler – not necessarily recommending, but the example comes to mind) that have a metal case that’s basically a lengthened USB connector: .
Might also be appropriate for some uses, if overkill for others.


I have never used alibaba . How is it for online purchases?


And here’s a link to that very same guitar wholesale page :slight_smile:;searl|3869492197


That is so cute! You could make a tiny guitar-shaped box for your picks, as well.


Ooh inspiration! My dad plays mandolin, can use the same idea there. :slight_smile: Thank You!


So many great ideas!